Gods among insects

On the Sight & Sound website: Hollywood tempts directors down unlikely tracks all the time, but sooner or later there will have to be due accounting for the route of Bryan Singer, who went from indie nova to superhero-franchise bellwether before that deeply furrowed road was even laid. And along the way made one fully astute modern superhero film along with another that’s easily the most deliberately — radically — neo-classical. Singer is out of step with almost every creative urge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and hardly less oppositional to the current methods of Warner Bros — gravitational forces which didn’t in the end do the last X-Men film very much good — but the longer the MCU spends with characters interested in self-amusement rather than self-knowledge, the longer X2 will reign unopposed, serenely untouchable.

And for the June print issue of Sight & Sound magazine I watched The Trust, which when I saw it was the new Nicolas Cage film and by now is probably the actor’s film before last. The concept of Jerry Lewis playing Nicolas Cage’s father is not to be trifled with, but The Trust manages to find a way.


May 14, 2016