Never mind the dybbuks


For Critic’s Notebook three films seen online from Tribeca 2022:

  • Endangered is a HBO documentary about four liberal journalists currently gathering bruises from run-ins with politicians or the cops. Somewhere there are novel ways to interrogate this consequence of the cultural moment but this film opts for some familiar ones, until even that reliable old stand-by a derelict printing press puts in an appearance to deliver its traditional line of Look Upon My Inks And Despair. At some point radical texts need to propose radical solutions, or they’re not actually being very radical.

  • Sophia is an uncomfortable documentary about a man with a vision of what artificial intelligence might be capable of. You do wonder whether either the doc’s makers or its subject or both pondered pulling the plug.

  • Attachment is a modest Jewish ghost story with modest resources that looks like Covid might have enforced some added modesty on top. The question of Cinema Film Or Netflix Original does crop up while you’re watching. But it has a sparky opening with that rarest of things a joke by the composer, and David Dencik prowls about talking darkly about dybbuks and looking vexed by the goyim as if his fedora weighed three kilos.


July 6, 2022