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Shortwave infrared imaging 14 November 2022 Science For the December/January issue of Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine an article about shortwave infrared imaging, a sector which is going to The Legend of Luther Arkwright 18 October 2022 Art For The Comics Journal a read of The Legend of Luther Arkwright, only the third full length story Bryan Talbot has published in 46 years about the Crimes of the Future 15 September 2022 Films Critics falling gratefully on Crimes of the Future as Old School David Cronenberg, as if Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars had not been Cronenberg Luda and Grant Morrison 9 September 2022 Art For The Comics Journal a review of Grant Morrison’s novel Luda, about a Scottish pantomime dame tipped into a camp psychodrama and war with their Acting Class and Nick Drnaso 18 August 2022 Art For The Comics Journal a review of Nick Drnaso’s Acting Class. Praise for Drnaso’s last two books was so stratospheric it would have made some Tribeca Film Festival 2022 6 July 2022 Films For Critic’s Notebook three films seen online from Tribeca 2022: Endangered is a HBO documentary about four liberal journalists currently gathering Tigers and Goal! 13 June 2022 Films In the print edition of Sight & Sound some words about Tigers, where the pressures at Inter Milan’s youth academy nearly destroy a teenage Project MK-Ultra 8 April 2022 Art For The Comics Journal a review of Project MK-Ultra: Sex, Drugs and the CIA Volume 1, a book on my radar ever since its creator Stewart K. Moore Zero Fucks Given 5 April 2022 Films No way that 2022 will produce a better Covid-era liberation visual than a thirty-second tracking shot of Adèle Exarchopoulos on an e-scooter in a SXSW Film Festival 2022 27 March 2022 Films For Critic’s Notebook four films seen online from SXSW: The Thief Collector which seems to say that you should think the worst of quirky eccentric Next page