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Foundation Year, Dune 5 November 2021 Films In the December Sight & Sound magazine some words about Foundation Year, a micro-budget college romance willed into existence by the enthusiasm of No Time to Die 7 October 2021 Films Casino Royale is a great film apart from that interminable stuff at an airport while you’re waiting for Eva Green to show up, although I’m not sure Mandibles, Mad God 23 August 2021 Films Two from the Edinburgh International Film Festival at Critic’s Notebook: Mandibles is the deadpan one with the big giant fly and Adèle Exarchopolus Judging Dredd 18 August 2021 Art At The Comics Journal a review of a new book of critical essays on the subject of Judge Dredd, which can’t really be tackled without a pop at the Security 2 August 2021 Films For the September issue of Sight and Sound magazine a review of Security, an Italian film set in Tuscany directed by an Englishman adapted from a Celestia, Zig Zag 22 July 2021 Art For Tripwire a review of Manuele Fior’s Celestia, a major work by an artist with a few of those already on the shelf. Some of them contain bits of First Cow 28 May 2021 Films arrives in the UK a fairly bemusing five months after being labelled the third best film of 2020 by a UK magazine, a situation which works Army of the Dead 25 May 2021 Films Netflix put up a behind the scenes thing for Army of the Dead in which Zack Snyder seems as carefree as the winds, just coasting through some Dr Divinus and S Craig Zahler 12 May 2021 Art No point blaming Tarantino for everything (apart from Death Proof which is still criminal) but what is this if not a comic caught in the eternal Monsters 4 May 2021 Art Barry Windsor-Smith emerges from many years of silence with a style you recognise in a nanosecond and a book so intensely focused on the despair of Next page