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Shortwave infrared imaging 14 November 2022 Science For the December/January issue of Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine an article about shortwave infrared imaging, a sector which is going to High-tech glass inspection 24 March 2022 Science For the April/May issue of Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine, an article about high-tech optical inspection methods for glass, which was Photonics West 2021 5 February 2021 Science No one will be in San Francisco for this year’s Photonics West exhibition and conference in March as it will be held online instead, although with Photonics West 2020 21 January 2020 Science If you happen to be near San Francisco next February 1st to 6th 2020, there will be articles by me once again in the daily in-house magazine of the Photonics West 2019 1 February 2019 Science If you happen to be near San Francisco, there are a couple of articles by me appearing in the daily in-house magazine of the Photonics West Adaptations 1 October 2018 science Mention of some science stories I had a hand in recently: Taking a bad picture of someone’s retina isn’t difficult, but taking a sharp one at Clear margins 10 August 2018 science A few science stories I had a hand in recently: There’s a method called laser scanning fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM) that looks good for Soft touch 10 June 2018 science A mention for some science stories I had a hand in recently. Managing chronic pain with light rather than drugs has obvious advantages, if we can Vision things 10 March 2018 science A mention for some science stories I had a hand in recently. Implants to aid people with eye diseases come in different varieties, but clinical Photonics West 2018 27 January 2018 Science If you happen to be in San Francisco this week and close to the Moscone Center, there’s an article by me in the in-house magazine of the Photonics Chemistry World odour masking 29 March 2017 Science In the April issue of Chemistry World magazine I wrote about how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to improve sanitation in the developing Critical seconds 8 March 2017 Science Two strong projects brewing at Michigan Medicine, written about recently by me: Speeding up brain cancer surgery, by creating virtual stained Photonics West 2017 1 February 2017 Science If you happen to be in San Francisco, there are two articles by me in this year’s in-house magazine of the annual Photonics West conference going on Chemistry World climbing chalk 5 November 2016 Science Gymnasts and rock climbers both use chalk, for similar reasons but at some distinctly different altitudes. In the November issue of Chemistry World Soundings 25 August 2016 Science A couple of technology stories I had a hand in reporting lately: The clever way that optoacoustics can “listen” to biological cells — picking up the Growth potential 16 July 2016 Science Some recent technology news stories I had a hand in: The United States wants to double the pace of research into tackling cancer, and do in the next Light farms 13 May 2016 Science Some tech topics I wrote about recently: Laser cinema projection grabs the headlines, but smaller-scale boardroom and classroom projectors will be a Photonics West 2016 18 February 2016 Science Drug-resistant bacteria are such a problem that even the scientists working on the issue call it an arms race that we are not winning. So if a Space swarms 9 November 2015 Science Usual selection of recent technology stories I’ve had a hand in: Space telescopes are huge, heavy, and vastly expensive, so a fairly radical Living laser 5 September 2015 Science An intermittent pick of technology stories I’ve written about lately: Making solid-state semiconductors emit laser light is ingenious enough; Eyeballs 3 June 2015 Science A trio of recent science articles that I had a hand in: Fans of 3D television yearn for the day they can throw the glasses away; which won’t be New resolutions 9 October 2014 Science So both the chemistry and physics Nobel prizes this year went to photonics technologies, and to applied ones at that. I wrote something about the Sensor snapshot 6 August 2014 Science Returning to an old topic, I wrote a piece about recent progress in smartphone camera technology for the fourth issue of the digital magazine Freeform technology 4 September 2013 Science Links to some recent technology stories written by me. An interview with the head of a new US research center about freeform optics, which is a new Onion layers wait for you 6 July 2013 Science Filtering the hype from the hope is tricky where 3D-printing is concerned. I first saw the technology up close nearly two decades ago, back when all Invest In Photonics conference 2013 17 January 2013 Science Two days in Bordeaux at an investment conference duly produced two published pieces, one on the current state of biophotonics markets and one doing