Vision things

A mention for some science stories I had a hand in recently.

Implants to aid people with eye diseases come in different varieties, but clinical trials for the various designs are rolling on. Second Sight has developed a couple of devices: the Argos, to treat macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa; and the Orion, which bypasses the eye altogether and sits on the surface of the brain itself. The first human patient received an Orion implant last month.

Also in the vision department: treating presbyopia by putting an artificial inlay into the cornea has been tried a few times, but the interference with a natural flow of nutrients can cause as many problems as it solves. The University of Valencia has now developed one that’s full of microholes, in which the holes allow nutrients to flow, but are so small that they themselves also provide the diffraction action needed to combat the presbyopia.

And: I spoke to Cameron Piron of Synaptive Medical, an evangelist for the use of optical technology right at the point-of-care for patients, who believes that the large photonics companies are starting to see things his way.

10 March 2018 science

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