About Me

I am a freelance writer, critic, scientist, editor and occasional journalist.

Among other things, I’ve written about technology and business, many film festivals and film makers, old comics, education and subculture.

This has been for people like Sight & Sound, the Institute of Physics, Tripwire, Little White Lies, Chemistry World, Critic’s Notebook, The Optical Society, SPIE, So Film, ComicScene UK, The Film Talk, Marquis, and a long time ago Comics International.

I was an editor at IOP Publishing for its last years in the commercial magazine trade, and still contribute to the technology news website that arose from the ashes. Most new written pieces get a mention on this web site via the front page, and there are a couple in the Freelance Journalist Directory too.

From time to time I have chaired and participated in panel discussions at film festivals and comic conventions, addressed film studies students, and a while ago I wrote the press and publicity materials for a low budget fiction film shot in London and Chicago which won some awards and spawned a spin-off recording artist. One day I might do something like that again.

To talk about commissions email timhayeswriter(at)gmail.com