Lost somewhere in the archives, me on Dan Brereton’s Nocturnals and Witching Hour:

Dan Brereton’s painted art is a treat for the eyes, but it’s the tone he creates that sticks in the mind. I came late to Nocturnals under the mistaken impression that it was a conventional horror comic, but Brereton had actually crafted something wonderful by gifting his supernatural creations with Jack Kirby’s prodigious presence, HP Lovecraft’s rogues gallery and Sergio Leone’s hats.

From the even more far-off days of Comics International’s review column, me on the collected Black Planet:

Oni Press does the world a favour by reprinting Dan Brereton’s bewitching painted fantasia. Part Mafiosi soap opera, part witty adult fairy tale, part grisly Lovecraft horror. All brilliance.

There’s now a Kickstarter going for the next Nocturnals book. No reason to think any of the above won’t apply.


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